Euro 2012 tickets

April 17th, 2012

Euro 2012 hostsThe 2012 UEFA European Football Championship, best known as the Euro2012, will be held from June 8th to July 1st. (For more on the hosts Ukraine see As the date nears and the excitement grows in Europe, fans are scrambling to find tickets to attend this tournament. Tickets sold directly by the UEFA are sold out and now fans have to purchase them through resale. Euro 2012 is one of the biggest sporting events in Europe and attending this tournament will be filled with fun, surprises, and excitement.

The Euro 2012 will be jointly held in Ukraine and Poland this year. The cities that will be hosting the event are Warsaw, Gdan„sk, Wrocl‚aw, Poznan„, Kiev, Lviv, Donetsk and Kharkiv, all very popular tourist destination. This championship takes place once every four years since 1960′s and has gained tremendous popularity in the recent years. Football fans around the world eagerly await this tournament. It is an excellent opportunity to witness some of the world’s finest football players and teams in action. Last tournament’s winner, Spain, went on to win the World Cup after this championship.Because of Euro 2012′s tremendous popularity, there was an incredible demand for Euro 2012 tickets when they went on sale this year. The demand was so high that the UEFA had to establish a lottery system in which prospective buyers signed up on a list and the tickets were then raffled lottery-style. The UEFA reported that they received 12,149,425 applications for tickets and only 41% of these were fulfilled. Many ticket holders are now reselling their tickets. The original prices for the tickets ranged from 5 to 600 euros. The UEFA foresees that 85% of the tickets will be held by fans, while the remaining 15% will be allotted to members of the organization, press, and other public figures. Ticket prices were lowered by up to 50% from 2008′s prices to provide more fans with the opportunity to attend this event. The matches are divided into three categories, depending on the team’s abilities. The Category 3 tickets are the least expensive and can be as cheap as 50 euros for the final, as opposed to 600 euros for the Category 1 final. Fans that would like to experience this event on a budget can consider attending a Category 3 opening match which is the most inexpensive.

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